The 2021 Winter season is limited to 18 available seats and they will be filled on a first come first served basis. To register your interest or for additional information, please contact us. A Registration Form is available for download at the bottom of this page for those drivers who would like to secure their spot in the 2021 Winter Championship.

Why do we limit the field to 18 cars?
Racing in packed fields of 30 plus cars is exciting at the start, but paying for crash damage isn’t. We find at this level of racing large fields of cars result in numerous crashes and extended caution periods, which result in very few green flag race laps. What are you supposed to learn in 4-5 laps of racing? And, its not much fun, especially when you’re taken out by someone else and have to pay for crash damage.
Plus, your opportunity to win prize money is much greater with less cars. So, we limit the field to 18 cars. This gives our drivers more room to maneuver and results in a greater amount of green flag track time, while producing exciting and very competitive racing. We also set our races at 50 miles in length, not 25-30 minute time limits, so drivers can receive the maximum amount of racing for which they paid.

Lowest Cost early-level Professional Championship:

The total all-inclusive cost for a full season in Formula Americas Super GP is $89,500 usd (includes Registration Fee) or if you choose to pay by the event, an Annual Registration Fee of $7,500 usd with $19,500 usd entry fees per each 3-race event.

Largest Cash Prize Payout of any early-level Championship

$325,000 Cash Prize Purse  (PAID AT THE EVENT)


1st Place               $10,000                    $75,000                  $25,000

2nd Place              $5,000                      $50,000

3rd Place               $4,000                      $25,000

4th Place               $3,000                      $15,000

5th Place               $2,000                      $10,000

Pole Position         $1,000

* Per event Prize Money rewards consistency and will be paid to the top-5 drivers who earn the most points during each event and 1st race Pole Winner. And, Yes, all prize winning drivers go home with a check at every event.